Ya Sure You Betcha

Next week I’m doing something completely foreign to me. I’m embarking on my first solo trip. To Sweden. In winter. (Given how frigidly cold it has been in NYC this year – historic all time low temps. Yay! – it is actually warmer in Stockholm. If I close my eyes, it might even feel like I’m back on the beach in Mexico.)

I’m about 1/4 Swedish, which isn’t much. However, when you look at me it’s obvious that that one quarter came out in my appearance. Tall, blonde, fair skinned, blue eyed. Hey – I’m not complaining here. So much of one’s identity, especially for actors, is in what you look like so it’s not surprising that I’m curious about my heritage.

No one in my immediate family seemed very interested in our ancestry. When I asked my dad where in swedenSweden his grandparents came from, he told me to reach out to his sisters, my aunts. They told me to reach out to a second cousin. See how this goes? Finally, I was put in touch with a Swedish relative and I asked her a few questions about visiting Stockholm and our family tree. What started as an innocent inquiry has become a jam packed weekend of cousin visiting and archipelago island hopping. I am about to meet 3o Swedish relatives that I never knew existed three months ago!

I’m giddily excited. Part of it is traveling solo. Sure, I’ve flown by myself tons of times. But there’s always a friend or family member on the other end. And, yes, technically I’m visiting family, but I’ve never met them so I have to put a lot of faith into strangers.

One thing I’ve been working on is trusting myself. Trusting that I’m on the right path, that my acting career is right where it needs to be, that I’m on my own unique journey. This isn’t easy – I suffer from the villain of limiting beliefs that constantly tells me the opposite. It’s something I work on daily. So you see, this trip is a big adventure test and I can’t wait to get the results.


  1. Donna Hoggs says:

    Extremely proud of you.

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