When You Win

So often you audition that’s it. You feel good about it or you don’t. You move on. Hopefully you don’t obsess. Too much. (I’m definitely guilty of that, replaying every head tilt and reaction you had in the room for days after the audition. Days.) Rarely do you hear anything. Unless you book it. And then there’s celebration.

10502228_10153992927521164_1387456012659505020_nWhere you really hit gold is when you audition, move on with your life, get the call you booked it, show up for the gig and it’s awesome. Such was the case for the job I worked last weekend. I admit I didn’t know quite what I was getting myself into. Yeah, I knew it was a comedic video for underwear. But there’s a lot of different ways that could go. I mean, it’s underwear. Plus days on set can be long and most apartments in NYC don’t have central air conditioning. The posh Tribeca location should have tipped me off.

When I walked in I was greeted warmly by the crew and an intern took my coffee order. Bam! Off to a great start. And it continued from there. Multiplying undies and fairies and a kitchen bachelorette party with my new best friends. It was joyous working with such a sparkly talented group of actors, some from sketch comedy backgrounds and their nonstop hilarity awes me. Everyone was completely generous and professional and had a serious commitment to having fun.

It was a glorious experience.

Can’t wait until the video is completed and I can share it. But for now, you can check out more about Underclub by clicking here.

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