We’re Not In Kansas* Anymore


It’s been 6 weeks since the move to Seattle and needless to say my life has completely turned upside down. In a good way (mostly – if we don’t count the monster cold I’ve had for nearly 2 weeks).

Driving is one of the big changes. After living in NYC so long, I was drastically out of practice. Now I find myself driving to and from meetings and auditions regularly. Yesterday was a doozy of a day. I rose very early, early even for a nursing mother with a 5 month old baby, showered, pumped milk while applying make up and headed out the door before the rest of the household woke up. I was going to Portland.

That’s in Oregon. 3 hours south of Seattle. That meant I spent about 8 hours in my car (accounting for traffic here.) Because, you see, I had a couple of auditions down there. (Hooray!) Oregon is smart and offers tax incentives to film crews, something that Washingtonians could sure learn from. So it looks like the round trip Portland drive may become a regular thing because there’s more going on there for a film actor.

I’m thrilled to have these opportunities and in by no way complaining – I want to make that clear. I simply have to adapt to the variance of living in a new market. And I’m up to the task. Happily. Yet I have to recognize the huge transition I’ve made which has me uprooted from my comfy place and landed me in the unknown …we’re not in New York City anymore.


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