Walk to End ALZ

There aren’t many things that will get me out of bed at 8 am on a Sunday. One of those particular things is the Walk to End Alzheimer’s which took place last Sunday, October 20th. This is the second year I participated in the walk. I talked about my experience last year on my blog as well. This year felt waaaay different than last year, and it left me puzzled as to why.

photoI think this is for a few reasons. Last year I went by myself so that forced me to interact with my new team members – none of whom I had met. This year I brought a friend. Last year was extremely emotional and the walk itself was a time for reflection on the loved one I had lost to the disease. This year felt more like a celebration of life. I also felt like I was really a part of the fight to end ALZ.

But most of all, I think this year was different because of the wonderful team I belong to called Actors and Artists Unite to End Alzheimer’s. In the past year the team has gained national recognition and several new members. I know this is due to team founder and national captain Nancy Daly’s tireless efforts championing the cause. She is truly an inspiration. It’s an exciting time to be a member because I believe that we’ll keep growing and welcoming more artists that have been affected by this disease and find the cure to end ALZ!