There comes a time in a girl’s life when she needs to upgrade. It can be difficult though because you’re so comfortable with that old laptop you’ve had for five plus years. You know where everything is. You’re entire life in pictures is on your hard drive. You’re familiar with how your outdated iMovie app works. Why change it up?

ZoeComputerBecause you’ve outgrown it. And so has your cat. iMovie no longer serves you when it crashes every 5 seconds because your ancient MacBook doesn’t have enough RAM to run the program anymore. You might have figured out I’m speaking from personal experience here. 😉

I’ve held on way too long to my laptop. It was my first major Apple purchase. I remember back when I first got it – I felt like I owned the world. I’VE GOT A MACBOOK PEOPLE, I wanted to shout from the trees.

One of the major things I need my computer for is to edit video auditions using iMovie. Heck, I even made my reel on iMovie. With it crashing every few minutes because it doesn’t have enough memory to run the program. I don’t think I need to mention how frustrating that can be.

But I held on because buying a new computer is a major purchase. Everything else worked fine, why do I need to upgrade just because ONE program doesn’t work? Yeah, ok, it’s the one program I need more than any other.

It was time to invest in myself. So I made the decision. I started a line in my budget program called ‘New MacBook’ and started saving. Happy to say that I’m typing away on my new MacBook Pro’s keys right now.

It’s funny, but as soon as I decided to upgrade, my trusty old one started giving me the rolling beach ball of death and eventually crashed. Coincidence? I think not!


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