Ukulele Prodigy

For my birthday a couple months ago, I got a ukulele. This wasn’t some sort of joke gift. I asked for it. Really. And since I’ve been taking lessons, I’ve found out I’m sort of a ukulele prodigy. I’m aiming for one crazy sing-a-long come Christmas. Watch out, Johnson family.

UkuleleAll joking aside, I admit may not be a prodigy – I can barely master the E chord. Which puts a serious damper on Elvis’ “Blue Christmas.” One of the things that I love most about learning a new skill is that it’s okay to be bad. Really bad. After all, I’m just learning, right? No pressure.

That’s something I wish carried over into my acting life. Why are actors so relentlessly cruel to themselves for not having a scene/line/monologue ‘perfect’? For me, I tell myself that since I’m such and such an age and having been acting for a good chunk of my life that I should have it down. (‘It’ can be pretty much anything.)But I don’t. There’s so much I don’t know. But you know what? Perfect is boring. One of my favorite quotes from my acting teacher Robert X. Modica is “there’s no humanity in perfection.”

I love this quote. I’m human. I make mistakes constantly. In my effort to embrace imperfection – I’ve found out that life can be surprisingly fun.