Theater – My First Love

I love theater. Going to a live show gives me so much pleasure. Broadway, Off-Broadway. Off-Off Broadway. You name it. I’ve been there. However, last year my attendance screeched to a halt. I went to maybe 5 shows. ALL YEAR. My usual record was 5 plays a month. This was a shocking change! So what happened?

It’s not entirely clear to me. My most reasonable answer I give myself is that I just got burnt out. That’s a lot of theater! I also became a serious homebody during my first year of marriage. My priorities changed. I now wanted to be home and eat dinner with my husband. Cute, huh?

imagesOn Tuesday, I went to The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. First show in months. And it was fantastic. We had seats in the nosebleeds, and that really worked for the staging of this show. There’s so much going on – the floor lights up, there are projections on the back wall, the actors run all over the stage. It was such a theatrical experience and I loved every minute of it.

Does this mean that 2015 will be a busy year for me? Perhaps. But something in me was rekindled and I’m looking forward to the next one, Constellations.

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