The Universe Has Spoken

Not long ago I chatted with my acting teacher about my goals. I have a giant list of goals, naturally. Goals for acting, goals for family, goals for real estate. He told me some hooey along the lines that the universe will know when I am ready for, say, a co-star on a major network television show. I was skeptical.

Once-you-make-a-decision-the-universe-conspires-to-make-it-happen.-Ralph-Waldo-Emerson-quotes“The universe?” I wrinkled my nose at his statement. “That’s crap. Why can’t I just say I’m ready? I’m ready.”

“Because you don’t believe it yet.” Shoot. I don’t? I really, really thought I did. But he was right. There is doubt crammed in there along with everything else, and until I can fully accept every part of me the universe will know it’s not time yet.

This sat with me for a couple of days. I made some serious progress on releasing my limiting beliefs and becoming comfortable with where I am in my career. You might even say I found a weird sense of peace.

It was at that time a big, exciting opportunity landed in my lap. I’m a bit astounded how it happened so seamlessly and quickly. Right now it’s too early to say much, just know that it’s really cool. I guess Andrew knew what he was talking about after all.

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