Southern Adventure

Or: What I Learned on Vacation

Enjoy Yourself – Don’t Forget Yourself

I spent the weekend in the south. Savannah and Charleston to be exact. These are two cities that have been on my travel bucket list for a while so I was super excited to go. So much of traveling is eating the local food and this is especially the case in the south. Beer, fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried blue crab claws, fried soft shell crab, fried oysters – you get the idea. Delicious fried food heaven.

But 24 hours into this adventure and I felt like crap. I was in an internal panic – I didn’t want my fellow travelers to know that I had already maxed out on food (especially since we were on a buying expedition to cook for another massive meal) and at the same time I felt guilty that all my evenings in bootcamp leading up to this were now kaput. So I said nothing and continued to eat my cheddar grits. (Side note: I officially don’t like grits.)

I realize now what happened: I forgot myself on my own vacation. What I mean is, I left a part of myself at home. The healthy food conscious, watch what I eat and drink and go to Zumba part. I mean, I was on vacation, right? Who wants to work out on VACATION? Turns out, I do. It has become such a habit for me that a few days without and I’m craving jogging. Weird, but that’s the truth. My truth.

So I learned that next time I leave town I’m definitely taking my jogging shoes. This may mean I have to leave my wedges at home so I have room in my tiny carry on suitcase for these bulky shoes. But, hey, if that means I can enjoy the fried flounder platter with a beer and not feel bad about it, then bring it on. I’m taller than everyone anyways.

Below are a few non-cuisine pictures of my trip. And despite my food drama – I truly had an awesome time.SouthernAdventure2

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