There’s something a buzz in the industry right now that has got my interest piqued. It may be the answer I’ve been looking for, or then again, maybe it’s just now surfacing on my radar because I’m ready to make the mov(i)e.

It’s the iPhone.

Courtesy of Wired

Photo credit: Wired

Earlier this year, a film shot entirely on iPhones made a big impression at Sundance. Mark Duplass delivered a keynote at SXSW encouraging filmmakers to bring their own cavalry and make short films with friends on weekends for super cheap. There’s no excuse for not doing this he emphasizes. The latest guest expert in the Thriving Artist Circle talked about this too.

She mentioned that money is the biggest obstacle that holds people back from shooting their films and getting their work out in the world. This got my attention: money is exactly what’s been holding me back from making more Alice in Astoria episodes. I’ve written a ton more scripts. I’m itching to make them. But I don’t have the money. The first two episodes I filmed, I paid for out of my own pocket and my pocket has a hole in it. The popular option of crowd funding makes me squeamish.

But shooting Alice on my iPhone? This makes me hopeful. Like maybe I can learn how to make beautiful films on an even more shoestring budget. How exciting!

So, who wants to join me this weekend?

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