New Reel

One of the most important tools in the actors toolbox is their reel. A good reel can help you book jobs. What actor doesn’t want that opportunity?

I’ve been hemming and hawing over wanting the ‘perfect’ reel for so long, that it led to paralysis and ultimately left me with no reel at all. The excuses are numerous – I don’t have enough material, I never received my material from that short film I did 2 years ago, the quality is good but not great, you can see the boom mike in the shot (ah, student films!), I look uncomfortable in that shot. Whatever. There’s tons of reasons to put it off.

At some point you need to shove all that fear aside and just make it, dammit. And so I did. It took me months and many rounds of feedback, but it’s done and I’m proud of it. Please watch it below!

Amanda Johnson Reel from Amanda Johnson on Vimeo.

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