New Beginnings

When the reminder to blog this week popped up on my phone, I dismissed it without a thought. I’m taking a break, remember? I had a baby. Moved cross country. I’m navigating a new acting market.

BlogFeb17But I did have a thought. Or at least a feeling. A little spark, if you will. I wanted to blog. To write. I felt compelled to tell my story again. With Grandmary taking care of the baby, I got my laptop out and connected to the Internet. Which is harder than it sounds because it took me 2 weeks to get wifi in my new home.

I wasn’t sure how quickly I was going to return to acting after maternity leave. Maybe I would take six months off to be with my newborn son. Maybe I’d send out postcards from the hospital. I allowed myself to be open to however I felt postpartum.

Turns out I didn’t want to wait long. Now, I love my baby, but I’m also passionate about acting. Birth wreaked havoc on my body and my life. I needed something that made me feel normal. Like me again. Since most days were spent in pajamas and a ponytail, auditioning was out of the question. But I could do research on Seattle talent agencies from my phone while nursing. And between episodes of Scandal, that’s exactly what I did.

I begun a mini marketing campaign months before our move to introduce myself to my future acting market. I researched talent agencies and casting directors. I sent out postcards. Seattle is much smaller than NYC so there are fewer people to reach out to. That’s okay with me! Made it easier to narrow down who to target.

My persistence has paid off – today I had a spectacular meeting with a local talent agent. I am really excited on where this will lead!


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