My Favorite Way to Travel

It’s no secret that I love Airbnb. Or if it is, I’m declaring my love here and now.MontrealRoof

Airbnb is hands down my new favorite way to travel. You stay in a unique place, not some boring corporatey hotel. It’s affordable. And it’s the best way to really experience the city you’re visiting – like a local, you might say. In fact, I missed posting my last blog because I was in Montreal staying in a fabulous apartment downtown with easy access to everything. The place also had a rooftop pool and terrace that we could use. See the picture on the right – that’s me on the roof. It was also my birthday, so double yay.

When my husband and I visited Savannah last spring, we stayed in a fabulous Victorian mansion near Forsyth Park with two other couples. We shopped at the local farmer’s market for fresh shrimp, cheese, bread and vegetables and cooked dinner in the kitchen. After dinner, we largetook to the fancy old timey parlor, pictured at left. How much fun is that?

If you want to try it out, cut and paste the link below to save some money on your first booking.

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