Maura Won, But Have You Watched Dominic?

Maura Tierney won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress in a Television Show for The Affair on Sunday. She joked in her acceptance speech that her co-star Dominic West needs his own category called “best actor in a role who makes every woman hate him”. Cuz, yeah, he’s a dick on the show. But have you watched him act?

I’m going to go out on a very unpopular, shaky limb here because most people watch a show for entertainment value. ep2I understand that. So the most obvious reaction to his character is that he is a piece of shit. They don’t break a scene down into tiny technicalities or watch each behavioral response for truthfulness. As a student of acting, I cannot help but look for deeper meaning in each tilt of the head or raise of the eyebrow. Thanks, Andrew.

Dominic West is a master at differentiating relationships. It thrills me to watch him yell at his ex wife (Maura Tierney) one minute and do a complete 180 when his kid walks in the room and interrupts them the next. Yes, thrills. He’s that good. Because you don’t talk to your mom the same way you talk to your lover, do you? Right, so you don’t talk to your kids the way you talk to your ex-wife. But to be able to convey this is extremely difficult. It takes skill.

I know this because I’ve spent many frustrating hours and have shed many tears trying to learn how to do this myself. I won’t bother you with fancy acting terminology, but believe me, when you master this, everyone will fall in love with you. Unless you play an adulterer who leaves his wife of 25 years for a much younger woman…as Dominic West does in The Affair.


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