Lately I’ve been going through what I can only call a creative transformation. It started with listening to the audio book of Elizabeth’s Gilbert’s ‘Big Magic’. And listening to it again. And again.

Seriously there is so much good stuff in there that I will probably listen to it 20 more times. 12 hour flight to Hawaii? Yep. Commuting home from work? Definitely. When I get ready in the morning? On repeat.

It’s hard to sum up this book with just one way it has helped me because it is gold. It has blasted through many of my hang ups about being a creative person. Or the lack of me being a creative person. To name a few: asking for permission to make something, the tortured artist or that all art has to be meaningful.FullSizeRender

As an actor and writer who has a full time office job, it is so easy to slip into the limiting belief that I’m not really an artist. Because if I am, what am I doing in this cubicle? I can’t support myself with my art? I’m useless. I’m no good. I must be a bad actor. I could choose this way of thinking, but it doesn’t serve me. All it does is make me miserable. I definitely do not want to be miserable.

This book taught me that having a day job might be the best thing for my creativity. Huh? Yeah. I can create freely on my own without putting extra strain on myself that whatever I’m creating must be a masterpiece because if it’s not, I’m not going to have electricity next month. What a relief!

And I have found myself creating. I’m writing short scripts to make videos on my iPhone. I’m shooting the first one with my husband at the end of the month. And that is so incredibly fulfilling whether it wins the top prize at the Tribeca Film Festival or not.


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