Valentine’s Day is almost upon us, and although I tend to categorize Valentine’s Day as a made up Hallmark holiday that I try not to give into the hype of, it actually has a much richer history dating back to the Roman Empire. While that’s all lovely, what’s more on my mind as I’m thinking about this day is love. Love. Such a simple word. Such a loaded word. But at the heart of it, love is what Valentine’s Day is all about. It’s what life is about.

0cd64a0978a05534f9592cb5bfd59abdThere are whole heaps of ways you can invite love in your world. Romantic love. Platonic love. Pet love. Family love. Love of lime green. Love for fried chicken. Self love.

What? Self love? Am I some kind of pervert? Nope. Self love can be defined as love for one’s own well-being. Doesn’t that sound important to your, er, well-being? Don’t you want that kind of love in your life? I’m hoping you answer a giant, loud YES!

What’s keeping you from wrapping your arms tightly around yourself and declaring ‘I love you’? There could be any number of things that make you shy away from love. It could be something in your past like that high school boyfriend who broke your heart and ruined your belief in love forever. Or your cat Sparky who got hit by a car when you were seven. Or you know if you just lose a few pounds then you’ll like yourself. Well, that’s just not gonna cut it. You need to get real with yourself now. Dig down deep and discover where that resistance lies. And open your heart up to love yourself now. Because that’s the only way you’re going to rocket to the stars and be the person you are meant to be.

I know it’s easier to say than do. I’m still on my own journey. I make progress. I hit a set back. That’s what life is. But what I know for sure is that when I make it a daily practice of inviting and giving love, my world is a happier place. And that’s what I’m really striving for.


What are you striving for?


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