Lighten Up

I just came back from an amazing week long vacation in Mexico. Jealous? You should be. And as soon as we got back, there was a blizzard warning and the city shut down. Understandably, I’m having a hardTulum time getting back on track. Which makes me automatically worried. It’s left me wondering: what’s wrong with me?

Uh, nothing. Get a grip, Amanda.

What’s really happened is that I’ve been thrust out of my normal routine and I find it a little discombobulating. I’m a list maker, but I can’t get myself to write down a single list. I’m experiencing a total lack of concentration and this is completely out of character for me. I’d rather read a book than check breakdowns.

Ultimately, I think this is a very good thing. I’ve wanted to lighten up for awhile but didn’t know how. I don’t mean that I’m going to stop acting or anything drastic like that, but maybe it’s time for a shift in focus. I tend to take the business too seriously which affects all areas of acting – auditions, classes, day to day administrivia and this makes me less fun. I’m a lot of fun. For an exaggerated example, if I miss my postcard deadline (set by me) I tend to think it’s the END OF THE WORLD and I will never get cast in anything ever again. No one knows my deadline but me.

So, yeah, time to lighten up. Maybe it’s good to take a step back and go with the flow.

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