Lessons Learned from Botched Baby Food

“It smells like a burnt marshmallow,” my husband said as he entered the kitchen. Ashamed, I adverted my eyes. I was in the middle of making homemade baby food. Except the pot had run out of water and the stove was now cooking the pan instead of the carrots. It smoked up the entire house before I even noticed.

I had thought burning water was a ridiculous thing people say to be cutesy when describing how they can’t cook. “Me? Cook? Teehee. No way! I burn water!” That burning water wasn’t actually a thing that could happen. But it did. To me. Mom fail.

My puree DID NOT look like this.

But I didn’t let that stop me. I scrubbed the pan and kept steaming. My baby was going to have carrot puree for dinner no matter what it takes dammit! I want the best for him – homemade, wholesome organic food all the way! Erm, um, after several pulses in my Sage Spoonfuls branded baby food processor it became clear that it wasn’t going to happen. I didn’t steam the carrots enough. Double mom fail.

How did this happen? I followed the instructions in my Sage Spoonfuls branded cookbook. But my sad excuse of a puree looked nothing like the author’s beautiful concoctions. I was upset.  My ego was bruised and I hated myself. How did I ef up my baby’s dinner twice in 10 minutes?

It occurred to me that this is often how I feel after a botched audition or not booking a gig I think I’m perfect for. The ego overtakes and sends messages to make me feel ashamed, worthless, like I’ll never get it right. With one slight difference. I got over the carrot incident. It’s already a running joke in my family and I’m in on the laughter. 

So, why, is it so different when it comes to acting? Maybe because the stakes are lower. No carrots for dinner? Okay, we’ll have sweet potatoes instead. It would do me a world of good to adopt this attitude more consistently when in the room. Didn’t book this job? Okay, I’ll get the next one. Or at least get a milkshake on the way home.

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