Learning. Growing. Having a ball.

Watching my son learn to crawl is revolutionary. He doesn’t give up. He gets frustrated, sure, but keeps going until he grabs that toy. He gives me a big smile and it’s all good. And he starts again. 

See, he’s not bogged down by his ‘failures’ because he doesn’t consider them failures. He doesn’t even know what that is. He’s learning a new skill and he will keep trying until he gets it. He’ll practice for a while until it becomes second nature and he’ll move on to the next thing. Which, in his case is, walking. That’s life.

What I love about this process is seeing how much fun he’s having figuring it out. He’s not anxious or in pain – he’s having a ball.

Acting, especially the auditioning process, is a constant learning process. It’s a little like learning to crawl, then walk, and talk, and use a fork, and drink from a cup. A baby’s life is a constant new adventure. So is an actor’s.

You sure as hell will fall down. A LOT. But it doesn’t hurt you unless you let it by allowing your ego to take over. (Trust me – I’ve got TONS of experience with that.) Babies don’t have egos that I know of so they’re not affected by all of our adult dilemmas and societal pressures. It’s a wonderful thing to watch and I believe we could all gain a valuable lesson by watching babies learn. Who knows – you might start having a ball again too. Wouldn’t that be fun?

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