Last Days of Summer

Labor Day Weekend is often viewed as the last big shebang of summer. Kids are getting ready to go back to school and adults are flying off for one final beach day. Conversation in offices revolve around “We rented a house in Kennebunkport” and “I’m not sure if we’ll take the ferry or drive to Martha’s Vineyard.”

Not me, though. I spent it shooting an independent film – and there’s no other place I’d rather be.AnabelSelfie

In between filming, my husband and I were able to take a leisurely bike ride around our borough. In doing so, we discovered a hidden gem called Anable Basin in Long Island City. I love this about New York. You can live here for years and never know that there’s a super chill bar on the waterfront offering beautiful views of Manhattan at sunset right next door to you. It makes it all the more special when you happen to roll upon it on a gorgeous September evening and order what’s most likely your last Sam Summer Ale for a year.

It keeps my relationship with the city surprising and pretty romantic. Couldn’t ask for anything more.


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