Keeping Creative

As my bump grows bigger, traditional acting roles are dwindling. I can’t submit myself to most breakdowns. Yeah, I have booked pregnancy specific roles, and I believe there are more where that came from (hear that, universe?!) But for the most part my acting gigs have slowed down. As I get closer and closer to my due date (YIKES!) and taking time off for the baby, I’m finding new ways to express my creativity: writing and producing my own work.

I wrote a short film that my husband and I shot while we were on vacation in Hawaii. Now, this isn’t typically how I would spend a vacation but this wasn’t a typical vacation. There was a series of events leading up to this that’s kinda important when discussing why I was inspired to spend part of this trip ‘working’ rather than ‘relaxing’. Let’s start off with why we were in Hawaii because that’s a great story in and of itself.

I won the trip in a contest. Yep, that happens. So first off, free vacation in paradise. YAY.

Screen Shot BabymoonAfter figuring out all the logistics surrounding claiming the prize and booking the trip, I found out I was pregnant. Awesome. And something new. I’ve never been pregnant on vacation (hell, I’ve never been pregnant.) What would that be like? Forget the pina coladas and cancel our surf lessons because this chick will be chillin’ on Waikiki beach. Which isn’t easy for me because I like to be active. I started wondering exactly what this would mean for me.

Shortly after learning about our pregnancy, my husband and I attended a workshop on creating movies on your iPhone. One thing that was expressed by the panelists was the importance to just start making things. You don’t need all the fancy equipment yet. You’ve got everything you need right there in your hand. I took that to heart and started writing. Hawaii seemed to be the perfect starting point so that’s where I set the film. And you write what you know and I know I’m pregnant so I started to explore what vacation during pregnancy would look like for me. From there, Babymoon was born.

Babymoon is just the beginning and that’s the exciting, creative part because now the juices are flowing. I’ve written two more scripts to shoot next month when I’m 8 months pregnant. So it will be a trilogy of sorts, chronicling my pregnancy. As a friend recently pointed out, my son will have already starred in his first movie and he’s not even born yet! How cool is that?

So I’m turning this slow period into a productive one by producing my own work, staying curious and saying yes.

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