“The obstacle is the path.”TulumPath

“Life is a journey, not a destination.”

“Enjoy the ride.”

However it is said, it all means the same thing. Sounds intuitive enough, but it took me years to understand these phrases. In fact, some days I don’t think I get it at all.

New Yorkers are notoriously busy people – and that means that we can easily loose site of what’s important in our lives just by getting caught up in the game. An example I used to brag about is the day I went from temp office job, to audition, to Broadway play, to midnight movie. We’re so busy busying ourselves, when do we ever stop to ask if we are enjoying life?

I’m extremely driven and I tend to think if I’m not doing something every second of the day towards acting that I’m failing. This can be a dangerous thought process. Where is the time for relaxation? For fun? Nearly non-existent. I’m working on this. I’m much much better at this than I used to be – I no longer have days like the one I described above. Thank god. What I can say is that I have a level of awareness and that is the first step.

My actions this week illustrate the point I’m trying to make. I met my friend’s adorable 2 month old baby, thanked somebody in person who did something wonderful for me, and rode on my husband’s motorcycle for the first time. These are all little things that aren’t all acting related and that’s okay. They add up to something grander. They are part of the winding path of that’s leading me to the greater goals I’ve set for myself. I can positively say that, right now, I’m enjoying the journey.


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