It’s Time

There’s an article making it’s way around the acting community this week that feels so incredibly timely for me. Maybe you’ve read it or seen it in your Facebook feed. It’s a quick read. And a very, very good one. I’m talking about the Unexpected Sarah Paulson published by

See, it’s time for me to go on maternity leave. On the one hand this is undoubtedly exciting and life changing and I’m ready to bring it on. But on the other, it makes me feel like I’m staring down the pit of despair. How do I take time off of something that I love so much? Something that’s been a driving force in my life for 10 years? When I’m not where I want to be yet? When it feels like I’m pushing the success I’m after further and further down the road?

From Sarah Paulson's GQ article.

From Sarah Paulson’s GQ article.

Perhaps I’m looking at it in the wrong way. Maybe my maternity leave will bring me the richness and fulfillment I need to fuel longevity into my career that will lead to success down the road. Just like Ms. Paulson’s, my career certainly hasn’t been the fantasy I thought it would be. And that’s a good thing. It’s been a lot of sweat and hard work and tears and determination. Happy elation and huge let downs. Sweet satisfaction and gratification from strange places. I’ve had some awesome successes and some fantastically low lows.

The mental hurdle I have to get over is that I’m not ‘giving up’ or ‘quitting’ because I’m allowing myself to take time off to be with my baby. I’m mindful of this rabbit hole I’m prone to and work on it often. In fact, I may get back to work sooner than I think. I’m not sure. I’m leaving that decision up to the universe. Which is a very good way to approach it, I think.


So this will be my last blog for a while. It’s time. I’ll see you when I’m back. Peace out.




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