Instant Amy Schumer Fan

a_250x375I don’t know much about Amy Schumer except that she’s a female comedian. I imagine she’s pretty successful because she has her own Wikipedia page. However, I came across this article  – on Twitter, natch – with a copy of a speech she gave at an event called Ms. Foundation for Women Gala and I’ve become an instant Amy fan.

(This picture is from that article. I don’t want to get in trouble from the Internet police for not giving credit or anything.)

While her story about her awkward sex encounter in college is hilarious (…and relatable) that’s not what struck me in her speech. Nor is that fact that she’s received death threats for speaking her mind. Sadly, that doesn’t surprise me. What strikes me is her incredible bravery and perseverance throughout her own doubts and public criticisms.

As an artist, I continually feel those doubts. I have a hard time even calling myself an artist – like I’m lying about being an actor because I haven’t had an Under-5 on Law and Order yet. I, too, often want to throw up my hands and give up. But in my version, I move to Oregon, wear Birkenstocks and work at a bookstore. Even though I know I never will, sometimes just thinking it is what helps push me to the next level. It’s comforting to hear I’m not alone in living this crazy, chaotic creative life. That this insecurity can rear its ugly head at any level of success.  It’s how you handle it that matters.

Amy’s speech has also inspired me to live bigger, more courageously. To stop hiding and being safe. This is my defense mechanism and I’m trying to shake it. In her speech, she thanks the crowd. Today, I want to thank her.

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