Ice Cream

Yesterday was Ben & Jerry’s free cone day and I went all in. Ice cream brings me joy – and in life you need to focus on the joy even if it’s something as little as a scoop of IceCreamAmeriCone Dream.

Sometimes I’ve found my pursuit of acting to be devoid of joy. I’m pretty sure it happens to all of us at some point. I know people who have decided to move on to other careers when they’ve found that acting is no longer fun. And don’t think that has never crossed my mind either! Life’s too short not to enjoy yourself.

I had a callback recently. Callbacks are wonderful because you know someone really likes your work and thinks you are castable. They’re also terrifying for the same reason.

In order to keep those terrifying thoughts at bay, I prepared well for this callback – even enlisted my non-actor husband to read lines with me. He was a good sport. I was ready. And I get there and my nervous system goes into overdrive when I see how many other women are there. I’m thinking “I must not have been THAT great” and all sorts of other hurtful things actors say to ourselves. Over the years I’ve learned some strategies to help me cope with these limiting beliefs and I set them to work. By the time my name was called, I was in a good place.

And an amazing thing happened. I had FUN. And it showed because everyone in the room was enjoying my audition as much as I was. You could tell from the vibe. It was an excellent feeling. I felt…joy. Here’s to many more joyful minutes in the audition room in the future. And to more Ben & Jerry’s.


  1. Laura F. says:

    Hey Amanda,
    This is so true! I am reading Fail Fast, Fail Often right now, and I just finished the chapter on this exact topic: find joy in what you do and it will lead to good things. Very cool to see that philosophy in action. Good luck with the audition!

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