I Lightened Up

To build on my last post – I lightened up. I literally skipped down the hallway this morning and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

It happened naturally and orderly because long before I went on vacation I had implemented my daily/monthly
habits. They just needed a little bit of time to shift back into motion. My postcards went out. I returned to acting class with a bang. Meditation has been reintroduced. (I’m giving myself my own 21 Day Challenge.) Zumba is being incorporated into my lunch breaks thanks to NYSC being next door. The keyboard is getting dusted off. Again. (I RoofYogatend to go through long writing droughts.)

I’m feeling groovy.

And it’s totally normal that it took a little time to get back on track. My brain needs to be reminded of this constantly. I’m reading a book called ‘When Things Fall Apart’, by Pema Chodron, that has been food for my soul. It’s teaching me that all good things have a parallel opposite and that’s okay – it’s the natural order of things. So get comfortable with the bad cuz it’s going to happen. This has been extremely helpful to learn because I tend to tear myself up unnecessarily.

I’ve even given myself a word of the week: compassion. Be compassionate to myself. This has been eye opening. It’s quite unbelievable how just saying ‘compassion’ silently to myself instantly relaxes muscles I didn’t even know were tense. Man, I must usually be a tightly wound rubber band! I kinda like this new feeling. It’s a much easier way to navigate the world.

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