How it Came About

I’ve been hearing over the years from well meaning friends and family that ‘self producing is so easy!’ and I ‘should jump on that!’ but something always held me back from actually taking this leap. I blamed it on all sorts of things: I don’t have a camera, I’m more of a theater actor than film, I don’t have an idea, I don’t have a good enough idea, I don’t have the money. Lotsa don’ts.

While all these are true in a way, there was still that nagging feeling in the back of my mind asking me why not. Well, why not indeed? In the past, if I really wanted to do something, I’d figure out a way to do it.

Around the beginning of 2013 I started writing. I didn’t know what it was at first, only that I was compelled to write. I wrote many scenes involving a character, who became Alice. Most of them sucked, but I was getting somewhere. I picked three short vignettes that were my favorite and I shared them with my coach, Michael, who was encouraging and lovely. I explained that I wanted to put them on film, but didn’t know how – could he help? And, surprisingly, he said yes! Even better – he wanted to direct them.

Together, we’ve developed two vignettes into shoot-ready scripts. We put a cast together. He hired his former film students to operate all the equipment. We set a shoot date. I am collaborating – one of the things I wrote in my Turning Pro statement back in January. And I’m learning about making film along the way.

This is happening.