946483_591031247604457_1803651195_nSunday was a 12 hour shoot day. Just after 9 am, our production manager gathered us in the living room so everyone could introduce themselves. I looked around this room, full of people and film equipment and relocated living room furniture and I thought to myself “This is happening because of me.” Every single person in the room was there because I had this idea and put it into action. It was extremely humbling. And I was so full of gratitude.

It takes so many people to put together a film and everyone has a particular job that’s unique to the entire process. Who knew you needed a separate person to focus the lens? I didn’t. I had also never heard the term “kick it in her face” and was glad to find out that the meaning of that was not literal.

Each individual job was essential to the success of the entire shoot. I couldn’t have done this alone. And I’m so so grateful for the people I worked with that are knowledgeable in their discipline that I have no expertise in. It also allowed me to relax on set knowing I was in good hands and focus on acting.

We wrapped at 9 pm. We were shooting exteriors in Astoria Park and we lost our sun. There’s still a little more to shoot. The journey’s not over yet!

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