FEAR! What fear?

I’ve made a very painful realization lately. I have been living my life in FEAR. I fear everything. This has been a startling discovery and one that I’m not very proud of. Have I really been hiding my whole life? I’ve had to do some soul searching here and the answer is a quite resounding yes.


FearPostLooking back on 2015, I’ve noticed a trend starting to evolve – I’m slowly melting down my glacier of fear and taking bold moves to wholly embrace my fun, vibrant self. I didn’t realize this was happening at first, say, when I jumped out of an airplane. I was literally shoving fear in the face. Or when I accepted the lead in a feature length independent film and I told my ‘I’m not good enough’ limiting beliefs that I AM good enough.

My total awareness of living in fear has come with starting my own business. Can you think of anything more terrifying? (Well, maybe the skydiving thing…) And, boy, did I have doubts. But I pushed through them, am pushing through them every day. This new attitude is leaking through all aspects of my life. Life is full of endless possibilities.

Part of my new business training process is to read 10-30 minutes of personal development daily. This should be a requirement for every human being on the planet. Because it has transformed the way I approach my day, my world. I still have frequent moments where I slip into fear based thinking. Cuz that’s going to happen. Regularly. How I’m handling those thoughts and what I choose to do with them though?

That’s entirely up to me.

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