Facing Down Overwhelm

BeachSelfieMy husband and I recently returned from vacation in Puerto Rico. Not gonna lie, it was pretty awesome. We learned to surf and watched two friends make a lifelong commitment to each other.

However, that relaxation I felt on the beach quickly melted away when I realized how much I had to do to get back on track. Or just catch up from where I left off. It was overwhelming and I felt like I would never complete it. Ever.

Have you ever felt that way?

So here’s what I did to break it down to cut the scary out of my daunting tasks. First I took a blank sheet of computer paper and divided it in to 3 columns, elementary school style. At the top I headlined the 3 categories I wanted to get back on track: Acting, My New Biz and Life/Home. Underneath I listed all the things I wanted to complete within each category. And I mean all. It wasn’t a short list. After I had everything down, I got out another sheet of paper. Again, I divided it in the same three categories: Acting, My New Biz, Life/Home. But on this piece of paper I went down the left hand side and added rows so the paper looks like big blocks. Or a tic tac toe board, if you will. I titled the rows by date – either daily or weekly – and numbered them 1-3. Within each block I listed the top 3 items I wanted to cross off my list first. Once those are done, I write down 3 more items in the next block and so on and so forth.

In an perfect world, I wouldn’t move on to the next block until I checked all 3 items off the current block. But the world is not perfect and I don’t always follow my own rules. What I can say I have greatly reduced my overwhelm and have gotten a significant amount of tasks done in a little amount of time. And that feels pretty fantastic.

What do you do when faced with a giant to do list? Comment below!

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