Eat Good Food: My Road to Better Nutrition

Nutrition is not something I really thought about before. I ate what I liked and that’s it. And I didn’t like much. Anyone who’s known me for a while will tell you that I existed on a diet of peanut butter sandwiches, plain pasta noodles and dry chicken. Not eating anything green was a point of pride.

By the time I moved to New York, my palate had expanded, but my wallet had shrank. Pizza and bagels were cheap and oh so delicious. Two slices and a Diet Coke cost $5 and nothing beats that price. It should be no surprise that extra pounds started show. However, I didn’t catch on that it was the food I was eating that was was making me puffy. I thought I just needed to exercise more.

Last year I did a crazy ass cleanse. It was more a challenge to myself more than anything else. Could I stay away from cheese and alcohol for 3 weeks? Turns out I could. It wasn’t fun or easy, but rather an extremely profound learning experience. And what did I learn?

That cooking wasn’t so scary after all.

HealthyFoodOh, and I learned a heck of a lot about nutrition. About the foods a person needs to fuel their body in a healthy way. The quality of those foods. And that they can be delicious. These days I’m much more likely to pack a spinach salad for lunch and leave the Goldfish crackers on the grocery store shelf. I make my own peanut butter without added oils or sugar. Processed foods have lost their magic on me. Yeah – I absolutely have moments of weakness when those beautifully packaged brownies are staring me in the face. So I eat it, and I’m immediately reminded of why I stopped. They just taste so…processed.

It’s been a long journey with a very tall learning curve. But I’ve got the drive to continue and keep exploring. Hopefully, I’ll inspire others to do the same. It’s already working on my husband. He’s changing his diet and exercise routine and he’s feeling awesome. That makes me feel awesome. And I can stomach that way more than fried chicken and mashed potatoes.


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