Dreamin’ of Bali

I’ve been dealing with a major case of the winter blues the last couple of weeks. It started when I was walking out of my apartment in my puffy coat, arms loaded with bags of all sorts: my purse, my lunch, the trash, the laundry. As I opened the door, my purse slid off my shoulder and static electricity electrocuted hair into my face.

“That’s it. I’m done. I’m moving to Bali.”ayana-resort-and-spa

That was my immediate reaction. And I’m still thinking it too. 🙂

But in the meantime, back in reality, I need to invite harmony back into my life. I’ve tried all my usual tricks: meditation, intentions, breathing, exercise but nothing seems to be working. What gives?

I know this blah feeling will run it’s course, as all things do. I will be back in tune with the Universe soon. The trick is to not get frustrated or anxious with myself in the meantime. That’s tough.

A friend of mine posted on Facebook today about a TED Talk he enjoyed given by Scott Dinsmore about how to find work you love. I’m a big TED Talk fan, but had never heard of this one. I checked it out and thought it was really cool. Because I definitely want to find work I love. Heck, I have found that in acting, and in health and fitness coaching. This talk was the encouragement I needed to help my day be a little brighter. Click on the embedded link if you want to find out the secret too.

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