Dealing with Disappointment

I recently received some bad news about a project I poured my heart and soul into for six months. The film would not be produced after all due to factors outside of my control. Obviously, this is a huge disappointment for me.

I realized that I have two choices here. I could:

  1. Wallow in despair and use this as an excuse that the industry sucks, is not fair, that I’ll never “make it”, I’m a terrible actor or anySunny other myriad of excuses that keep me in a negative frame of mind. OR
  2. Choose to focus on the good things that came out of this project such as transitioning into lead roles in full length films, learning a new skill, standing up for my rights as an actor on set, putting into practice what I’ve learned in the classroom and telling stories from scene to scene to create a cohesive project.

Which one feels better to you? Because I’ll tell you, choosing to focus on the positive feels waaaaaaaaayyyyy better to me. Putting my energy into the things that lift me up will always win in my book. So that’s what I will do. No, it won’t be easy because my ego cruelly and easily slips into the negative more readily than the positive. When I notice this happening, I will stop what I’m doing and consciously turn it around in my head.

Hopefully, when I look back on this experience I will remember what I learned and how I have applied that to my acting career moving forward.

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