Recently I had a fascinating conversation with a woman who uses the psychology of color to work with her clients in revealing their authentic style and personal power resulting in them having a greater impact on the world around them. Sound hokey? Stay with me.

By answering a few questions about my skin tone and hair and eye color she was able to depict that I’m a Spring. Say what? Spring is my particular personality determined by my coloring. It means I’m the bringer of joy (how awesome is that?) and bright colors are my possible power colors. That’s good since I tend to wear bright green, purple and blue all the time. (Check out the fun spring palette of evening dresses to the right. Found on Pinterest, natch.)7410331debfb7fe5cca87e0742d53ca1-1

What I also found out is that my neutral colors are navy and ivory, not black and white. Which is a little difficult in New York where black reigns supreme. In addition, I should try tans and light golds as that resembles my hair color and will ground me. I’ve always shied away from those shades because I don’t particularly like them. Now I’m being told to embrace them and it’s a little disconcerting. I am willing to try these suggestions, but it might take me a while to actually purchase a pair of gold metallic jeans, you know what I mean?

I love her philosphy and really enjoyed our conversation. But I do remain a little skeptical. How effective is this science of color? Does it really work? Will embracing the lightness in my coloring really have an impact on those I meet? Will it turn me into a booking machine? Not sure, but I’m trying out a new navy dress at an audition today so I guess I’ll find out soon!

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