I never thought these words would ever come out of my typewriter, but I’m doing a cleanse. Not one of those ridiculous juice cleanses, but a hard core protein and veggie 21 Day Detox Challenge. I slightly hyperventilated when I read through the thick packet of instructions: no grains, no dairy, no coffee, no alcohol, no peanut butter. This is serious. I mean, what is left?

GroceryListHowever, after reading what I can eat my breathing started to slow down. Chicken, bacon, shrimp, avocados, kale, spinach, sweet potatoes – I like all these things. And the recipes actually sounded delicious! I began to think that maybe I could do it. It helps immensely that a group of people from my gym are also participating, including my trainer. So he’ll completely understand my need to punch him when he makes us do 20 more burpees at 6 am bootcamp.

So I committed to it. 21 days. Started Monday. I had fun writing out my grocery list and shopping (see picture at left.) Cooking is not my forte – I hit a stumbling block when I wanted to make lemon dill salmon and realized I had to mince all the fresh herbs I bought. I’m scared of knives. But my husband helped me through it and I think it turned out okay.

I’m not sure what my biggest hurdle will be. No beer at Oktoberfest? No bagel and coffee on Saturday morning? No post-workout chocolate? These will all be challenges. So far I haven’t had any adverse cravings or side effects, but, hey, we’re only 3 days in!


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