Changing It Up

Hey howdy hey,

I tried video blogging for a while, and I love it. However, I was never as… er, um, consistent about posting as I’d like to be. So I decided to change things up. I’m going to start blogging twice a month – with occasional video pop ups to add excitement. I think this format will suit me much better. I hope you agree.

I’m currently on a crazy journey writing, producing and acting in some short vignettes for the web and I want to share the process with you. I say ‘crazy journey’ because, if you’re like me, any time I write or put myself out there in the world, you open yourself up for criticism and that is scary. I’m facing crazy limiting beliefs, but at the same time I know I’m on the absolute right track. Ever feel that way?

This is exciting! I plan to dedicate my next post to explaining how this project came about. Stay tuned.

Talk soon,