Celebrating Success

This week I’m celebrating 3 upcoming bookings. Not 1 – which would be awesome in itself. Not 2 – which is super cool. But 3 – which is off the charts. I’m pretty sure this has never happened to me simultaneously. The jobs range across the board from a print ad, to an episodic to a web series. I’m thrilled and grateful. And I really want to take time to acknowledge my success. Too often in life people, especially actors, get caught up in the big picture of their careers and personal lives that they steamroll right over what looks like minor accomplishments as they work towards their goals. I’m speaking from experience here.

I have a long term vision and a short term goal that’s aligned with the overall picture of what I want my acting career to look like. I’ve often gotten so caught up in completing the actions to further myself along – administrivia things like submitting myself for projects on Actors Access, sending out postcards, updating my website and resume. Then there are the more obvious actor-y things I do – my weekly class, workshopping, auditioning. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the doing that when a booking happens it’s easy to dismiss. “Eh, it’s not a co-star on a major television show so it’s not that important.”

But you know what? It is important! I booked an episodic! I’ll be on set practicing what I’m learning. What I love. What I want to do for the rest of my life. And that is exciting – and worth celebrating. So cue the horn blowers and raise a glass to 3 bookings!


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