Celebrate and Create

skiingToday I slowed down for a couple of hours and completed an activity that is quickly becoming my favorite New Year’s tradition. Celebrate and Create. More specifically, celebrating the successes and challenges of 2014 and creating new goals and intentions for 2015. It’s an awesome exercise that brings so much momentum from last year into this year and sets you up for greatness moving forward.

Looking at what I wrote last year and today, I’m surprised at how different I sound. Am I more grown up? Maybe. I’ve gone through tremendous growth this year personally and professionally. Some pretty big things happened in my life in 2013 – like marriage and making my film Alice in Astoria – and that excitement is totally obvious in my tone. Lots of exclamation points!!!! Yes, 2013 was a fabulous year. 2014 was good in a different way. A little quieter. Lots of behind the scenes work.

Part of this exercise is being compassionate towards yourself. Something I need to work on as I tend to tear myself apart on a regular basis. Just ask my mom. I set some big goals for myself that I didn’t meet. This is disappointing, but not the end of the world. I don’t feel like I failed in this regard because where I fell short on some goals, I’m off the charts in others. For example, Creativity. In 2014, I’ve written more than any other year in my entire life. I also started bringing more imagination into acting, partially due to working out and pushing myself weekly in class. It feels pretty darn amazing to be creatively satisfied.

I’m excited for 2015 and can’t wait to exceed my expectations for the year ahead. Bring it on 2015.

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