Capturing a New Hobby

Before when asked about my hobbies, I was always so stumped. All of the things I like doing are tied up in entertainment in some way. Reading. Netflix. Going to the movies. Organizing. Okay, I realize that last one is sad. But true. Well, my life is getting a little bit richer because I’m developing some pretty rad hobbies.

I’ve talked before about my adventures in learning the ukulele so I won’t go into that now. Something else I’ve gotten into lately is photography. I got a really nice camera for Christmas. I mean really nice. Too nice for the likes of me? I hope not. I’ve enjoyed the heck out of taking fancy pictures of things like model trains and the Tiffany windows at the Met. And bonus: it has awesome video capacity so I can self tape whenever needed. I just have to figure out how to focus on myself in video mode. In time, my dear friends.

An unexpected benefit to these new hobbies of mine is that it gives me something else to focus on other than my acting career. Not that I’ve lost interest in acting or have stopped pursuing it in any way. Quite the contrary – I’m starting a new acting class this weekend that I’m thrilled about. What I mean is, that acting isn’t sooo precious that my entire life relies on the outcome of my last audition or meeting. It’s freeing. And I like it.

New Camera Collage