Bucket List

Last night at my birthday dinner the conversation turned to bucket lists. I’ve got bucket lists for everything. However I haven’t really shared these ideas lately because I’ve been ridiculed from people who think lists are limiting. “Why do you want to spend your life checking things off a list?” and “Wouldn’t you rather see where life takes you instead of planning it all out?” I see the point in these questions, I do. But I’m a dreamer. And a Virgo. I also recognize that as I grow and change, my lists grow and change with me. So I keep tallying them in my head and checking them off once things have been accomplished. Skydiving – check!

My biggest, most cherished bucket list is for traveling. There are so many places to go. I even typed and printed two copies of this list – one for my work desk and one for my home desk. Vacation plans were made surrounding it. Starting small: Savannah, Charleston, Montreal. And getting bigger: Sweden. There are exotic and far away places that I can’t wait to see: Thailand, Borneo, Buenes Aires.1280px-Portland_Head_Lighthouse_Maine

This weekend marks another check mark as my husband and I head up to Maine for lobster and lighthouses. The weekend can’t come soon enough! One of my favorite things about living on the East Coast is how easy it is to travel around different states.

I’ve since chucked that print out with all the lists because I’ve learned that when you open yourself up to suggestions, you can find yourself in a really wonderful place. Like the jungles of Tulum. It’s a lesson in trusting myself as well. There’s plenty of time to travel and part of the fun is figuring out your next destination.

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