I’m Amanda Johnson and I’ve fallen in love with the mystery and beauty of storytelling. To me, it’s like a great big, super fun puzzle to piece together.

As an actor, I’ve been lucky enough to share this passion with many audiences from Seattle to Walt Disney World to New York City. I’ve studied extensively with Robert X. Modica learning Meisner technique. I’ve also studied with Andrew Stewart-Jones, Bob Krakower, LAByrinth Theater Company, Ken Eulo and at the University of Washington.

I’ve found that I’m often cast as an upscale, professional socialite. Yet instead of getting offended by this title, I’ve come to love it. You see, embracing this type has landed me roles on stage, in indies, on television and in new media. It also inspired me to produce, write and star in Alice in Astoria, viewable on my Media page.

Living in New York City is exciting to me because of all the great film and television production that’s happening here. And I’m thrilled to be a part of the action!

But don’t let that fool you – there’s plenty of theater in my roots. I’ve spent a lot of time with new play development with companies such as Lark Play Development Center, Abingdon Theater, Astoria Performing Arts Center and Planet Connections Theater Festivity. I even wrote a play of my own, Jennie, which was an incredibly challenging and fulfilling process.

I came to acting in a roundabout way – through stage management. But it turns out that black isn’t my color. I’ll never forget the moment that light bulb came on – during a talk back after Romeo and Juliet. I was alone in the booth and the actors were on stage. That moment, that exact moment, I thought to myself “I don’t belong in here. I belong out there.” And so my next journey began.

But I haven’t given up my stage management sensibilities entirely. I’m using those super sharp organizational skills to plan for our first baby this fall!

What’s next? I’m currently developing and creating my own videos based on my experience of being a pregnant woman navigating her way around NYC and beyond.

“Amanda is a real professional and delight to work with! She brings her humor, intelligence and quirky charm to everything she does. She’s a bright light in the rehearsal room and onstage.” – Michael Goldfried