Back on Track

I recently wrote about taking a radical sabbatical from acting to focus on my wedding. Well, now that the fun is overAliceinAstoria, it’s time to get back on track. What’s up first? Oh, just completing this little film project I’ve been working on for months, ALICE IN ASTORIA. Seriously, since the day I returned from my honeymoon, I’ve been non-stop. And the best news?!?!

ALICE is completed!

She’s entered in her first festival and has been distributed to a select group of people. Soon I’ll post it here on my website and other public venues. And it feels fantastic. Don’t get me wrong, having other people watch my short film has nearly given me a nervous breakdown, but I’m still here. It’s nice to be reminded that you’re alive sometimes.  And, hey, if my mom liked it, then I know it’s a winner.