ALICE in East Hampton

Confession time. I lied. I didn’t do anything I said I was going to do in my last post for Memorial Day Weekend. Except the Pisco Sours. (See? Me lying again.) They were delicious. And tangy. What we ended up doing…was soooo much better!

I spent the weekend in the Hampton’s. Just saying that makes me feel a little uppity. Since WineSpritzerthe only times I’ve been there before is to work as a caterer, this little getaway felt even more sumptuous. I jogged on the beach. We had a porterhouse and lobsters delivered. I drank wine spritzers (see side picture.) Really, this was all out Hammy behavior. And I loved it.

No wonder Alice has such a hard time letting this lifestyle go. I don’t blame her. It’s beautiful and tranquil and lovely and posh – where else would a New York socialite spend her summer? Of course, I’m speaking of Alice of ALICE IN ASTORIA, the film I made last year. (Watch her on my homepage if you haven’t seen it yet.) It’s been in my head for a while that the world needs more of Alice and her new life. I’ve even written a first draft of a pilot length episode. The first scene opens on Alice throwing a party in…wait for it…the Hampton’s! Obvs.

The backyard of the house we stayed in was just clamoring for a tent to be lifted and camera equipment brought in. I could see it all before me and it looked glorious. It’s exactly the scene I had written and it was impossibly staring me right in the face. Rarely are such signs presented so plainly. I guess the universe is telling me it’s time to get re-writing!

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