Actor Mommy Friends

Just came back from a coffee date with an actor friend who is also a mom. It is becoming invaluable to me to have these strong, ambitious women as my sounding board and support system. It helps solidify what I already know: that it can be done. Whatever ‘it’ is to me. I do not have to give up anything to become a mom. It only adds to the richness of my life and career.

AJohnson7monthsAnother thing I learned from this incredible woman is that all my actor training will come in handy during labor. Who knew all those hours I spent concentrating on breathing in acting class would pay off in such a monumental way?

I’m also finding moms coming out in droves to offer support and hand me down baby items. I’ll take it all!

It may sound funny, but I think my training as an actress has amplified my ability to accept the wonderful humanity that I’ve been showered with. Actors understand what it’s like to be vulnerable, often times in front of strangers. Nothing feels more vulnerable than bringing a tiny human in the world who depends on you for survival. I’m not saying it’s going to be easy. I struggle everyday and he’s not even here yet! What I’m saying is maybe artists are a little better equipped to handle the unknown because so much of our careers are out of our hands. We control the aspects we can and draw our strengths from there.

Now, I like having control and a set plan in place, even though I know it can blow up in flames at any moment. Over the years in this business I’ve gotten better at accepting, controlling what I can and letting the rest beautifully unfold. And that’s how I’m approaching motherhood.

One more thing – I’m totally digging my new mommy friends.

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