A New Approach

Recently I shifted my goal from theater to television. There are many reasons for this, which don’t matter to this post so I won’t talk about them. What does matter is the discovery that setting a new goal has made me excited about my acting career again. Sweet!

I took stock of my training and realized that most everything I’ve studied in the past has been geared AJoncameratowards theater acting. And no matter what anyone says, theater acting and TV acting are NOT the same. I also knew I wanted something more in depth than any one night/two week/one month workshop might teach me.

Enter my new on camera class.

For the first time in my life I’m learning about storytelling. Huh. I’m an actor who has never learned the art of storytelling in any acting class at anytime in my life. Sounds so obvious and, admittedly, shameful that I’ve never learned storytelling of all things. We don’t talk about beats or emotions or what animal you think you are. I’m learning how to tell a story through behavior. Incredibly, this is all new to me. I’m absolutely loving this new approach to acting. It’s challenging and engaging. And, dare I say, fun! Who knew?