A Change Will Do You Good

Change is scary.

There have been lots of changes in my life recently. Luckily, they’ve been positive changes. I shot my first print campaign (see Downton Abbey-esque photo.) My husband got a great new job. I’m eating healthier (as a result of the 21 Day Detox Challenge). Which has led me to start cooking. Reluctantly. I’ve joined a cool group of like minded actors who get together weekly to run scenes and bounce actor related ideas off each other. I booked my first solo trip to Sweden. These are all pretty awesome changes, but I’m left to wonder how exactly did this all come about? I’m a pretty routine based person that gets anxiety when my day unexpectedly deviates from what I’ve planned. So why have I been shaking it up so much lately?

AmericanPrincessI’m not really sure, but I have a couple of ideas. At the risk of sounding new age-y, I believe one of the major reasons is that I re-introduced much needed inner work into my life. I’m making a point to meditate and use mantras daily. This can be cumbersome if it’s not part of your daily routine. I know this because I stopped doing it for a few months and fell into a depression. But I’m back on the wagon and have really seen my life open up around me.

My favorite mantra currently is ‘I completely trust in my own unique journey.’ This is imperative in my profession. And it serves as a good reminder that everyone goes at their own pace. When I remind myself about my unique, personal journey – thoughts of competitiveness, frustration and jealousy melt away. And things start to happen. I believe this was a major factor to the 3 jobs I booked recently.

Another reason for all this good is I started to say yes to myself. Meaning, I’ve stopped making excuses and telling myself ‘one day I’ll do this…’ I started living the life I want to lead. Right now. At the beginning of 2014, I made it a goal to travel internationally. I wrote down a huge travel bucket list with serious intentions to visit every single country on it. But the months wore on, money was tight, and my husband’s schedule never matched up with mine. So, with full support from Ben, I decided to go on a solo trip. I found a great price on a ticket to Stockholm and purchased it. Bam! It’s hard to explain the excitement I feel when I think about this adventure. It will be the 4th city I check off from my bucket list.

What do you want to shake up in your life? I’d love to hear below!


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