5 Things I’m Grateful For

To kick off this season of giving that’s upon us, I’ve decided that I’ll list the top 5 things that I’m grateful for RIGHT NOW.

  • Gorgeous fall days and lunchtimes in Central Park to witness them. (See right.)photo
  • The awesome Apple Genius who correctly taught me how to download all of my iPhone 4 pictures (especially the ones of my honeymoon and birthday) that I was told were lost from multiple sales associates from a major cellular company that shall remain nameless. Yeah, so I had to drop my brand new shiny lime green iPhone 5c and buy a new one for this to happen. But those 600 pictures or so were pretty priceless to me.
  • Zumba
  • Friends and family supporting me in my effort to win Viewer’s Choice in the Tiny Film Festival for ALICE IN ASTORIA.
  • Pineapple Greek yogurt