46 Days

There are 46 days until my wedding. I’m not going to lie – when I saw that number, so definite, it instilled some fear in me. That’s not a lot of time. And although I’ve planned most everything, inevitably something will go wrong. I’m pretty sure it will be my hair.


A colleague of mine at my J.O.B. suggested I do some kind of 30 day countdown – like a documentation of the last 30 days of being single and to turn it into a one woman play. She knows my interests well. I wouldn’t want it to be a study on how much I can party between now and then, but more of a human interest piece focusing on how this organizationally obsessed former stage manager can sit back and enjoy the most important day of her life. I could interview friends – like the ones attending my bridal shower this weekend. And family – who’ve only called me bridezilla once, and I’m pretty sure it was meant in a loving way. (I can’t help it – planning weddings is Stressful with a capital ‘S’)

It’s not a bad idea. In fact, I kind of like it. I’ve been sorta keeping this wedding thing separate from my acting life, but why not marry the two?