3 Glorious Days

Since I won’t be spending Memorial Day weekend on the beach in the Hampton’s – or any other beach for that matter, I’m brainstorming suggestions for how to spend the next 3 glorious days off in my beloved neighborhood of Astoria. What I’ve come up with so far is a combination of things I’ve been wanting to do for a while and will now have the time to do them. It mostly centers around eating and drinking because that’s one of the greatest things about Astoria. The food. Plus, I like to eat and drink. Here’s what I’ve got so far (and I’m pretty stoked about them):

  • Check out the new SingleCut Brewery and have a beer. Or two.
  • Put together a picnic of sandwiches, cheeses and meats from Astoria Bier & Cheese and enjoy it in the park. I may or may not bring along sippy cups for wine.
  • Finally eat dinner at Queens Comfort. My earlier attempt was botched when I realized at 9:25 that they closed at 9:30 on a Friday. I mean, 9:30? On a Friday? Come on! This is New York! (Sure, I realize that’s kinda late for dinner, but, hey, it’s New York!)
  • Master the recipe for Pisco Sours and enjoy it while watching the sunset over Manhattan.

While I was originally bummed that I won’t be going anywhere for the holiday, after planning it out – the weekend can’t come soon enough!

What are your plans for Memorial Day? Share with me below.

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